normalcy2014 conference

As a consequence of the White Rose collaboration, our studies of – and debates about – ableism have become international and cross-university  in nature. This culminates in ‘Studies of Ableism’ being a key stream for papers to be presented at:
5th Annual International Conference
***Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane***
More Questions of the Human
University of Sheffield
7th and 8th July 2014 

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This conference is organised by the University of Sheffield, Manchester Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Chester, the University of Toronto, the University of Leeds, the University of York in association with the White Rose Studies of Ableism Research collaboration.

The University of Sheffield is delighted to be hosting this conference in July 2014. This year our call for papers encourages engagement with the human and its historically problematic relationship with idealisations of the normal, the able and the non-disabled. The last 4 normalcy conferences have seriously contested and challenged these idealisations. For @normalcy2014 we seek to up the ante a little more and debate together what kinds of human/ity should be valued in our context of austerity, economic crisis and neoliberal capitalism. Some questions that might be addressed:

To what extent is ‘the human’ a desirable or problematic category?
In what ways do normative understandings underpin ‘universal’ notions of children’s humanity?
What does it mean to be post-human?
In these times of technological and human enmeshment does it make more sense to talk of the post-human than the outdated category of human?
Do we need to hang on to notions of de-humanisation as powerful political statements?
What do post-human politics resemble?
How do queer, dis/ability, postcolonial analyses evoke different or alternative notions of the human?
How might we (not) want to resist, revise and shape notions of the human?
Is the human worth fighting for?
To what extent is the human an ableist fiction?
To what extent are queers and crips nightmare characters to the narratives of humanity?

Confirmed keynote speakers thus far:

  • Lucy Burke, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Thomas Campbell, University of Leeds
  • Nirmala Erevelles, The University of Alabama
  • Rod Michalko, University of Toronto
  • Tanya Titchkosky, University of Toronto


Presenters will be informed of acceptance by 1st March 2014.  To secure a place in the conference programme, presenters should have booked a place by 31st March 2014.  In the spirit of an eco-friendly conference, registered delegates will be sent information electronically.  Details of accommodation near the venue will also be sent to delegates.

While the conference is FREE to delegates, we are delighted to announce that the White Rose Studies of Ableism Collaboration have contributed funding to securing the keynote of Professor Erevelles as well as ensuring that a strong critical studies of ableism theme will run throughout the conference. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements so we can make the catering team aware of delegate requirements.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sheffield
Normalcy2014  in association with White Rose Studies of Ableism**



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